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Q/ What payment methods do you accept?


A/ We accept payments using debit/credit cards.



Q/ How can I add my card?


1. After you type your email, full name and password, tap Continue.


2. Enter Discount code, if available.

3. Enter the 16-digit card number and the expiration date found on the front side of the card.


4. Enter the CVC/CVV code found on the back side of the card. After that, tap Complete to successfully complete the transaction


Where can I find my CVV/CVC code?


Can’t access videos?

Q/ How to change my DNS settings?


A/ Please log out of the nivoforlife website and close the tab before carrying out the steps in the YouTube video below.

-Follow and carry out the steps on the YouTube video and PLEASE make sure you click to SAVE your changes at the end of your steps.

-Restart your computer and Log In again on our website.

-Tap the link that applies to you and watch the 1-minute video in order to know how to change your DNS settings.


For Windows,

For Mac,