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We all have dreams and goals we wish to achieve. They could be personal dreams, business goals, or a combination of both. However, we don’t know how or where to begin. Our fear of failure and not feeling good enough always keep us stuck. With a lack of direction and low self-esteem, we struggle to take even the smallest step forward, giving us a feeling of overwhelm and incompetence.

With CREATE IT, you’ll be guided on a 12-week journey to help you move easily and with more confidence towards any of your goals. This step by step program will help you decide what actions are needed in various areas of your life, shifting you from self-doubt and frustration to clarity and ease of decision making.

This is how Life Coach Nevin Elgendy began her own practice at age 48. When she embarked on this CREATE IT journey, she was able to earn the $40,000 income she set her goals on in her first year of work. And this is the exact program that has led her to become financially independent and be able to buy her first own home, in one of the most beautiful cities she dreamed of. Take your first step forward to achieving your goals with CREATE IT… Your guide and road map to reaching a Successful and Fulfilling Life.

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