Did you know that 80% of people lose their new year resolution by mid-Feb! 

If you don't want to give up on yourself or your dreams then CREATE IT Premium online program is for you.

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Hey 👋, is this you?

  • Are you ambitious and have big dreams for yourself but don't know where or how to start?
  • Do you believe your dreams aren't possible, stopping you from taking any steps forward?

  • Do you get excited by writing a list of goals, to only lose momentum after a few weeks, give up, and feel guilty about it?

  • Do you know you are capable of more but only need the right guidance to unlock your potential? 


If this is you then "CREATE IT Premium" online program is for you!

A comprehensive online program that will take you step by step to help you decide what actions are needed in various areas of your life, shifting you from self-doubt and frustration to clarity and ease of decision making.

YES, Count me in !

See what previous students have said about CREATE IT

"The course made me re-visit my old 'new year resolutions' with an open heart instead of regrets from not achieving them, Why? Because of the new tools I've gained where I can follow my plans and put closures to these decisions.  I am truly grateful I am learning every day and cant wait to take the next course.

- Noor Biltaji

"The course helped me so much in taking a step towards the things I fear to do.

I took a decision to act out of my comfort zone in my personal life and once I stepped out I realized it was easy to handle the situation I been always afraid of. I now express my thoughts and feelings confidently. "

- Zeinab Magdy

What are We Covering in The Course?

With CREATE IT Premium, you’ll be guided on a 12-week journey to help you move easily and with more confidence towards any of your goals. It will cover the following areas:

Week 1: 

Our Thoughts: The voices inside our head and how to question our thoughts.

Week 2: 

Intentionality: Identifying our intentions to choose the right thoughts.

Week 3: 

Attitude:The right attitude to differentiate between Success and Failure.

Week 4: 

Day's layout; How we start our day sets the tone for the whole day.

Week 5: 

Heart Connections; the importance of people’s influence on us and why.

Week 6: 

The body: Taking care of our body as it's the vehicle that will carry us to our goals.

Week 7: 

The Squad; We are the average of the 5 people that support us.

Week 8: 

Me time; Using our free time to add value to ourselves.

Week 9: 

Surroundings: Our environment as it affects our mood, and our performance.

Week 10: 

Values; We get our best results when we are living our Values.

Week 11: 

Clarity; Clear SMART goals make an easy successful journey.

Week 12: 

Contribution to others through our goals to enjoy a life of Purpose.

With commitment and work one can …

  • Achieve the personal and professional goals you've set for yourself.
  • Learn how to prime yourself for the day and prioritize your tasks.
  • Reach for your dreams that a seed in your heart.
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I had plans and with he new toolsI've gained ,I can ...


CREATE IT Premium Online Program

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About Nivo & Sara


Hi 👋, I am Nivo

My name is Nevin Elgendy and I am your coach in Create IT  Premium online program where I share all my learnings as I started my own practice at age 48. It's the same steps I've taken to earn the $40,000 income I've set for myself in my first year of work. And this is the exact program that led me to become financially independent and be able to buy my first own home, in one of the most beautiful cities I dreamed of. 

My mission in life is to inspire others; helping them find their ‘inner child’ and true, authentic self. I am also a Certified Life Coach under the tutelage of Dr. Martha Beck since 2014 and an independent certified leadership coach and speaker for the John Maxwell Team since 2017.

Hi 👋, I am Sara

I will be facilitating CREATE IT Online program.  I’m very excited to build this thriving and ambitious community of talented dreamers. 

Recognized and named as a female brand leader in MENA who is making a mark; I now consult and coach organizations and business owners on how to communicate effectively, leverage technology, and empower women. I can't wait to enable dreams like you accomplish what they truly desire. 


CREATE IT Online Program

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